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Unique 34 Illustration Excel Chart Not Showing Anything
  data not showing on my chart solved excel help forum ok you will will probably be laughing about this at the water cooler over the next couple of days but my data is not showing up on my chart im sure its something really stupid i overlooked fix excel data not showing excel worksheet area is how to fix excel data not showing not visible data area is grayed out 1 go to view menu and select arrange all 2 at the menu that comes up check the windows of active workbo excel chart showing max of 120 instead of 100 not not sure if i worded the topic title correctly but a bar chart i have created in excel 2007 shows a maximum of 120 even though none of the source figures are more than 100 line doesnt show when plotting line graph excel 2013 right click the new line in the chart click change serious chart type select the check box of secondary axis behind the second serious please let me know if i have misunderstood anything it would troubleshooting problems in excel charts x axis doesnt this has probably happened to all of us in our first year of creating excel charts there are two tips to what is going wrong look at the chart first the x axis has a label year in it that shoul mouse right click no longer working in excel microsoft i cant copy and paste edit or anything else the mouse works in word and other applications and in fact works in the header or menus of excel but if i got to a cell it will not open upon right cl update the data in an existing chart office support note if you follow this procedure and your chart does not display the dates as a time scale axis make sure that the axis labels are written in date format in the excel table such as 05 01 08 or may pie chart not showing up microsoft community my pie chart is not showing up i have a file already saved and i need it for my homework i click the chart on that i want and it doesnt show up only the sides do excel 2010 chart will not display on its own sheet we are all finding that excel randomly and intermittently will sometimes not display any of the charts in their own sheets furthermore they can suddenly reformat into a portrait rather than landscap  Unique 34 Illustration Excel Chart Not Showing Anything

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