Excel Chart How to Rename Series Excel Pro Tips How to Create Define and Use Named

Beautiful 34 Sample Excel Chart How to Rename Series

Beautiful 34 Sample Excel Chart How to Rename Series
  rename a data series office support right click the chart with the data series you want to rename and click select data in the select data source dialog box under legend entries series select the data series and click edit in how to rename a data series in an excel chart now you return to the select data series dialog box please click the ok button to save the change at present you can see the specified data series has been renamed see screenshot you can repeat t renaming multiple legend series excel help forum re renaming multiple legend series you need to have these names included in your data table and then amend the chart data range provided it is set up correctly excel will then interpret which part cant change series names on certain charts nor change to rename a series i right click on the chart chose select data click on the series i want to edit and click edit i type a new name in the series name box and click ok it does nothing click on how do i rename the series legend on a chart in excel 2008 its a bar chart where i am comparing to statistics so for each x axis category there are two bars but the series just say series 1 series 2 quickly rename series in chart excel help forum hello how can i quickly rename a series in excel also is tehre a way to get it to automatically select a series title i have dates going across the column and each series represents a year of data how to change series data in excel chron com to update your microsoft excel worksheet you can add a data series to the source data and also update the worksheet chart to make your data meaningful to your colleagues and clients how to rename a chart in excel 2010 microsoft community this one is driving me nuts how can i rename a chart on a worksheet to something other that chart 1 ive tried selecting the chart while holding down ctrl and then typing the new name in the box vba charts copy paste rename chart rename series become a registered member free to remove the ads that appear in thread area click here to reset your password you must have a valid e mail address so that you may receive the instructions to comp  Beautiful 34 Sample Excel Chart How to Rename Series

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