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Elegant 34 Design Excel Chart Blank Series
  blank series in charts pc review i want to create a chart with 25 different seies the problem is that some of the series will be blank sometime but i d not want to include all of the series all of the time charts hide blank series with dynamic names mrexcel hello i am running excel 2007 and trying to make a chart that will add a new series automatically as new data is entered i havent seen this particular problem discussed in the forums but if it has creating a chart in excel that ignores n a or blank cells i am attempting to create a chart with a dynamic data series each series in the chart comes from an absolute range but only a certain amount of that range may have data and the rest will be n a how to prevent blank cells from plotting in excel charts it looks blank to us mortals but excel knows that is text albeit a short piece of text and excel automatically assigns text a value of zero no blank cell setting anywhere gap interpolate wh the excel chart series formula peltier tech blog the series name can be blank a text string in double quotation marks a reference to a worksheet range one or more cells or a reference to a named range named formula the x values can be blank hide blank series in a chart chandoo org excel forums hello i need your help im making drop down lists on charts so when i choose all in the list the chart shows information about 4 regions and the excel chart data series data points and data labels series names identifies the columns or rows of chart data in the worksheet series names are commonly used for column charts bar charts and line graphs category names identifies the individual da charts data series in excel easy excel tutorial 1 select the chart right click and then click select data the select data source dialog box appears 2 you can find the three data series bears dolphins and whales on the left and the horizont excel chart how to draw discontinuous series in vba excel 2010 issue i need to plot a single discontinuous series in a xy scatter chart via vba without referencing a range in the sheet it is easy to achieve that when the yvalues are laid out skip blank cells in chart data solved excel help forum re skip blank cells in chart data assuming that blank cell is actually a result from a formula in that cell change your formula to show na instead of if that cell is actually blank you c  Elegant 34 Design Excel Chart Blank Series

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