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Inspirational 33 Examples Chart Legend Definition
  understand the legend and legend key in excel spreadsheets the legend is linked to the data being graphically displayed in the plot area of the chart each specific entry in the legend includes a legend key for referencing the data what is legend definition and meaning concise explanation of the symbols used in a chart diagram drawing map table etc a legend is usually conspicuously displayed in a tabular form chart wikipedia a chart is a graphical representation of data in which the data is represented by symbols such as bars in a bar chart lines in a line chart or slices in a pie chart a chart can represent tabula aviation glossary chart legend dauntless aviation legend a key to the symbols and color codes on a map chart etc an inscription motto or title especially one surrounding the field in a medal or coin or placed upon a heraldic shield or beneath define chart title and legend text options igss com open topic with navigation define chart title and legend text options you can set a chart title for your graph a chart title identifies the graph to the operator and is displayed at the top of the legend definition of legend by the free dictionary syn legend myth fable refer to stories handed down from earlier times often by word of mouth a legend is a story associated with a people or a nation it is usu concerned with a real person pla tutorial on chart legend canvasjs javascript charts overview chart legend when the data appearing in a chart contains multiple dataseries it becomes more readable if they are shown in a legend this helps in identifying each dataseries data legend define legend at dictionary com legend definition a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical see more what is a chart sheet reference com what is a chart sheet a chart sheet is a microsoft excel worksheet that is dedicated to one chart when a user creates a chart in excel the default settings of the software program will embed it int chart definition of chart by the free dictionary define chart chart synonyms chart pronunciation chart translation english dictionary definition of chart n 1 a map showing coastlines water depths or other information of use to navigators 2  Inspirational 33 Examples Chart Legend Definition

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