Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Of all the rooms in my house the kitchen has to be cleaned the most often is the most difficult to clean because of the variety of surfaces and because they come into contact with our food and vice versa so not cleaning it well has the most potential for harm. As with all of my printable cleaning checklists i encourage you to read through the steps below before printing to understand whats involved.

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Keeping your restaurant kitchen immaculate is a prioritynot to mention a requirement of the fda food codeconsider starting with a checklist of jobs to be done several times daily weekly or monthly.

Daily kitchen cleaning checklist. Our deep cleaning checklist will help you gather supplies and establish an efficient deep cleaning routine. So roll up those sleeves and download molly maids printable deep cleaning checklist. Take our guidelines and make them your own setting a schedule that works for you.

Kitchen spring cleaning checklist. This printable kitchen spring cleaning checklist can be used any time of year to give your kitchen a deep cleaning. A daily cleaning routine is a busy persons best friend.

Deep cleaning is hard work. See heres the thing about cleaning house. It is also a place where harmful chemicals often lurk despite the fact that this is where they are the most dangerous.

Rest assured that youre overturning every cushion and inspecting every crevice in your home. The more often you do it the less you have to do. For a list of the specific tools and supplies that i use to clean my own home check out my.

Maintain a tidy home with our daily cleaning checklist. If a cleaning routine sounds rigid and impossible you havent met this easy to follow kitchen cleaning schedule. Stick to it and once youre in the habit of following the routine kitchen cleaning will happen like clockwork.

Using a restaurant cleaning checklist is useful because it helps you stay organized delegate tasks to your employees and keep on top of food safety guidelinesby keeping your equipment clean your food will taste better and youll increase the lifespan of your kitchen equipment. Thats why its a good idea to have a quick daily cleaning routine that will keep your house looking beautiful all the time. This kitchen cleaning checklist below can be placed in your household notebook and used as a general reference for remembering what kitchen chores need to be done at various time increments.

Follow these six kitchen cleaning tips regarding daily care of your kitchen and you will be able to keep on top of the never ending it seems amount of dirty dishes and crumbs underfoot.

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